Faculty of Health

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Faculty of Health

The Faculty of Health with take considering increasing natural threats such as emerging diseases and pandemics, environmental hazards and man-made threats such as accidents and disasters, and unhealthy lifestyles, seeks to provide effective and efficient solutions through scientific and educational cooperation at the national and regional levels.
Currently, the Faculty of Health has eight educational groups Health and Sanitary Management, Nutritional Science and Health and Food Safety, Occupational Health Engineering, Environmental Health Engineering, Statistics and Epidemiology, Health Education and Health Promotion, Health in Disasters Passive Defense and Excellent in-service training for official staff. 
The Faculty of Health has 24 faculty members who have dynamic and continuous education and research activities in the education of undergraduate, master's, and doctoral students.
In addition to access to various specialized laboratories, the Faculty of Health offers students the opportunity to participate in the community.
Number of students 132
Number of faculty members 24
The number of educational 8
The number of  educational majors 15
The number of health laboratories 4
The number of medical training centers 4

Majors offered in the Faculty of Health:
Faculty of Health:
Bachelor's Degree in Environmental health engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition Sciences
Bachelor's Degree in Professional health engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Management of healthcare services
Master's Degree in Epidemiology
Master's Degree in Food hygiene and safety
Master's Degree in Health education
Master's Degree in Passive defense in health system
Master's Degree in Environmental health engineering
Master's Degree in Nutritional sciences in crisis and unexpected events
Master's degree in Management of healthcare services
PhD Degree in Management of healthcare services
PhD Degree in Health in disasters and emergencies


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