Student admission procedures

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Student admission procedures at Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences

  • The process of sending documents and obtaining academic admission for applicants.
  • Applicants can submit documents throughout the year without a time limit. If accepted, the candidate will begin his studies at the beginning of the first possible semester.
  • The applicants must remember that academic semesters at this university start in the second half of September and the first half of February.  Applicants are advised to submit their documents to the international campus of the university in the first half of June or the first half of November to speed up the admission process and avoid wasting time.
  • At the first opportunity following initial admission, a targeted interview session will be organized among those admitted to making a final decision by the university's admissions committee.
  • Despite the efforts of this university to speed up the student admission process and complete the necessary steps in the shortest possible, the applicants should remember Student recruitment process may take more than three months.


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